Brand Positioning

First, let me define what I mean by brand positioning.  It’s your brand’s single, most important, meaningful difference.

It boils down to one short sentence without conjunctions.

It is the key to a successful marketing effort.

Invest 1 day in this process, and it will provide:

  1. A single, clear, meaningful difference that will be agreed upon, understood and communicated by everyone from the CEO to the in-store team.
  2. A guideline for every decision about the brand from hiring, to menu, to marketing, to employee training.
  3. A clear direction for developing marketing and advertising that will effectively compete against the McGiants.

During the process, we will collaboratively construct a Brand Pyramid that helps us complete the difficult assignment of defining your brand’s meaningful difference.


To get started, simply email me at


“When you work for a regional brand in a category with massive competitors with massive budgets, you have to think differently about what will make an impact in marketing. Joe provided thinking that is not only different but effective.

Brad Wahl, Vice President, Marketing, Cracker Barrel; formerly Vice President, Marketing, Krystal

“Joe worked with us to develop a media planning and forecasting tool that allowed us to pinpoint our budget allocations to achieve the highest ROI across our markets.”

Alan Wright, Vice President, Franchise Operations/Marketing, Newk’s Eatery

“When we expanded our brand into the Midwest, the national competitors reacted quickly and aggressively. Joe developed a unique plan featuring a highly visible, multi-store sampling extravaganza, social media and street teams that moved product immediately and created tremendous buzz about the brand. Consumers loved it, Walmart loved it and we’re still successful in those markets today.”

Mary Williams, General Manager, Southeast Division, Dean Foods

“We compete in a category that includes 4 of the nation’s top spending brands, so it’s imperative that our marketing partners know how to create impact with a fraction of the resources. Joe demonstrated an understanding of how to maximize return in areas where we could win, like local marketing, segmentation and store level customer activation. This is the hard work that many marketers and agency’s shy away from.”

Rob Cale, Vice President, Marketing, nTelos Wireless Communications

“Joe helped us create a unique position, media strategy and creative execution that immediately stood out and created an impact in our markets—not only with our consumers, but with our employee base and even our large competitors. We literally had people repeating a phrase from the ads to us on the phone and on the street.”

Jeff Olingy, VP Marketing, FSG Bank



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