TV projecting a pile of money on screen.

How to Increase Your TV GRPs with Little Money for Better QSR Marketing Results

Want to know the single, most effective way to increase your TV GRPs? Invest in your TV creative!

It’s simple. Hear me out.

As old school as it may sound, in QSR, TV is still your workhorse media to drive traffic to your stores. The problem is that it’s expensive, especially when trying to compete with the nationals. So the marketing staff invariably utters, “We can’t spend any money on the ad because we need as much money as possible to place the buy.”  Sound familiar? The question to ask yourself is, “Enough money to place what?”  To place an ad no one wants to watch?

Entertainment = GRPs. A perfect example is the Super Bowl—the one time TV viewers want to watch ads for entertainment.

Consider this: Let’s say you’re going to spend $1,000,000 on TV media across a group of markets next quarter. Your effective reach in those markets averages a four frequency at 75% over the flight. Now deduct $100,000 from that budget. The reduction in GRPs across your markets will be negligible in terms of reach and frequency on a market-by-market level.

Add that $100,000 to your creative/production budget so you can be creative. 

The difference that money will make will not be negligible. And if you now have an entertaining spot to deliver your message, you increase your effective reach. That spot now only needs one, maybe two viewings to be effective. Perhaps people will even talk about it—word of mouth: the ultimate advertising.

In 1974, Master Lock proved this theory by placing their entire production and media budget on one spot in the Super Bowl. Surprisingly, 40 years later, this ad is still talked about.

Have you been in those meetings where the discussion is all about how media budgets are tight? The ones that focus on how to increase the media spend instead of how to increase the effectiveness of the message with the existing spend? I have—all too often. Someone always illogically deduces that the media budget is tight and that the creative/production budget should be tighter. In other words, they make a bad situation worse.

Bottom Line: Increase your creative/production budget in order to be seen with what media dollars you do have. Place an ad, not a fact sheet.

photo credit: Barta IV via photopin cc

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