"Customize" key on a keyboard instead of "Enter".

Made-to-Order POP—A Proven QSR Marketing Transaction Driver

Your point of purchase (POP) is the easiest, and perhaps only, medium you can customize by store and increase transactions.

Yet POP is often treated as the red-headed stepchild in the media mix or really not even consider true “media.”

We all know that lunch and dinner transactions are down, and we need quick answers. Breakfast is certainly a bright spot as that daypart is growing. But everyone is headed there, so be prepared for a slugfest. And then there’s broadcast media. It’s always the first to appear in the sites as the possible culprit that needs retooling either in the creative or the placement.

But before turning the marketing department and ad agency upside down, look at your POP program.

You can implement a Made to Order POP program that’s incredibly effective, and you’ll be one of the few, if any, that uses this strategy.

The concept is simple. All your stores are not the same, so why do they get the same POP?

Made-to-Order POP involves a few simple steps:

  1. Index each of your stores on each of your key products to identify the stores that perform best on each of your products.
  2. Group your stores by these products—their strengths.
  3. Create POP that features the strengths of the stores.

Think about it. How many times have you dreaded changing promotions because you know that the product you’re going to feature won’t perform well across the chain?

Made-to-Order POP solves this. Only promote the products in the stores that provide you transactions and sales for those products. One size does not fit all.

Remember, you’re changing the paradigm a bit, so be aware of the operational and executional changes, such as:

  • Adding an additional code or codes per store to your POP fulfillment database—which is easy. This will simply identify stores by product grouping.
  • Checking the fulfillment to make sure they are kitting properly prior to sending the POP to the stores.
  • Informing your market managers that some of the stores in their market will have different kits.

Made-to-Order POP works great when you are looking to spike sales of a seasonal product or add-on. Think advertising ROI.

Then it’s just 2 steps:

  1. Query your database for the high indexing stores for that product.
  2. Prepare a POP kit for only those stores so that you get the highest return on the lowest cost.

Made-to-Order Pop is an incredibly cost-effective medium and easy way to customize your messaging to your stores’ strengths.

photo credit: pmorgan via photopin cc

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