Plain, white fast food packaging materials used by QSR.

Using Your Packaging for Cross Promotion in QSR Marketing

Use a packaging plan to help drive monthly incremental transactions and sales.

Consumer packaged goods companies are masterful at using their packaging to market their products. But, promotional packaging is not limited to the packaged goods category.

Yes, packaging is a great place for your logo, but a packaging plan for regional QSRs can do much more.

It’s yet another marketing advantage regionals have in their arsenal, and it doesn’t take a lot from your budget to make this happen.

Your packaging is often in your customers’ hands.  Your drink cups, fry cups and any other container your food is served in.

Customer’s may reach for them multiple times a day.  It’s on their desks so that they, and their co-workers, can see it.  It’s in the cup holders of their cars.  On their kitchen tables.  It’s perhaps your most prevalent piece of marketing.

Promotional packaging is highly underused.

By developing a Promotional Packaging Plan you can:

  • Inexpensively cross-promote products
  • Build repeat business.
  • Add a medium that separates you from the McGiants.

The message can be as simple as:

  • Promoting a daypart.
  • Supporting your brand position, as Subway has done for years by showcasing calories on their cups and napkins.
  • Supporting limited time offerings throughout the year.

Create a Packaging Calendar

In general, there is no cost to changing out your package design as long as you don’t change the construction of the package.  But you have to track your inventory, which you’re already doing, and forecast fairly accurately to ensure your Limited Time Offering (LTO) design is integrated at the right time.

Other planning considerations include:

  • Know your packaging vendor’s lead times.
  • Know your packaging inventory.
  • Know your lead times to get new packaging integrated into your stores.

Remember, you never have to throw away existing packaging. Just hold off on the distribution of your standard packaging, and use your LTO packaging until it’s depleted.

photo credit: a derivative of work by Natalia Semenchenko, Number 11 and Odua Images via Shutterstock

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