Arrows pointing up showing effective POP (point of purchase) increases sales in QSR marketing.

Making Your POP Effective for QSR Marketing with Big Results

Increase your sales with 4 proven point of purchase (POP) rules.

Every QSR uses POP. But it’s surprising how much is ineffective.

If you mandate the following 4 rules, you will see a marked difference in your POP results:

  1. The POP on the front of your store is a billboard. The message must be big, bold and short.
  2. POP is NOT a print ad or brochure. NEVER add unnecessary design graphics, emblems, boxes, backgrounds or textures. They only distract the eye from what has to be read in about three seconds.
  3. If it cannot be read, do NOT add it.
  4. Limit your total POP messages. Do NOT let your POP compete against itself.

Here’s a simple exercise for you to try.

  • Go to several of your stores.
  • Measure the distance from the road to your front window.
  • Measure the distance from the traffic lane in your parking lot to your side windows.

Then apply the chart below:

Font size chart for effective POP

This great exercise will dictate the minimum size type for each piece of POP.

Simply do not use type that cannot be read.

It seems like common sense, yet you see this mistake being made all the time. Incorrect type size will distract a customer’s eye away from your main message. During the three seconds the customer spends examining the small text, he or she misses the message. The message increases sales.

Effective POP communication is the art of sacrifice.

I’ve been under pressure to add additional messages. But if it’s not the most important message I’m trying to communicate, I never add it. It hurts the effectiveness of the POP.

I’ve also experienced the “design attack.”

You have to have extreme discipline to survive the design attack—especially if you are in the creative department of an ad agency.

The design attack is the simple, yet deeply cutting remark, “Our POP is just uncreative. Can’t you make the design better?”

Ouch! Sure, over-designed POP looks nice when you show it on your screen or color print-out. But when it’s on your lot, you have a disaster. Follow effective POP principles for readability, and stay away from a lavish print ad or brochure look.

In most cases, you have to forgo both the beautiful background with the sun rising above the Norman Rockwell farmhouse scene and the reduced size headline in the ornamental, octagonal box.

It might look great on paper, but it’s impossible to read on the parking lot.

Don’t get me wrong, POP does NOT have to be ugly. But it does have to communicate quickly and concisely.

POP lives in a completely different world than print ads and brochures. The customers lack the luxury of taking the POP off the side window to casually inspect it.

So, take a stand. Follow these proven rules. You’ll see better results—guaranteed.


photo credit: FutUndBeidl via photopin cc

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