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How to Use Social Media as a Profitable QSR Marketing Tool

Here’s how you can build a profitable fan base using social media.

Any experience with social media and you know the importance of followers. Quality over quantity is the debate for a brand with a small following. This is true to an extent. You can segment your quality fans and followers—which is a challenge with the current functionality and regulations on all social media platforms. So, it’s a numbers game. The more fans or followers you have, the more quality you have within your quantity.

So, how do you build a quality fan base? A couple of safe assumptions that are easy starting points include:

  • Your current fans or followers probably have friends who like your brand equally as much.
  • You share customers with the competition. And those customers may have friends that like your brand as well.

Armed only with this knowledge, you can begin to add quality fans by placing “Like Ads” on Facebook. With Facebook still the social media king, this a good place to start.

Here are some simple targeting methods to build your “Like Ads” fan base.

  • Place Like Ads targeting friends of your current fans. Offer them an incentive.
  • Broaden your placement by using demographic targeting—place pay per actions so a charge happens only when action is taken on your ad.

In both instances, you should offer an incentive for the target to visit the store. Why?

  • It’s a very low-cost medium compared to other traditional mediums.
  • It’s a great way to increase sampling of a new product or daypart.
  • It will also increase additional purchase while the target redeems his or her incentive.

There are arguments that this is simply buying fans. Well, it is! Just like any advertising, you spend money to make money. Only this is less expensive and very controllable. Remember, if you combine a good product with a good experience, there is no better way to build a loyal paying customer than putting your food in their mouth.

As I wrote in my post, OSR Marketing: Social Media – the Low Cost Marketing Tool, social media is inexpensive when used correctly. Never be afraid to bring in customers with freebies and sampling. It’s effective and inexpensive.

photo credit: Gonzalo Aragon/Shutterstock

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