Point of purchase (POP) on popular fast food chain building from parking lot.

Boost Your QSR Marketing by Making POP Your Best Salesman

Apply the 3-zone approach to increase sales from the parking lot.

If you’re like most regional QSRs, you spend hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions, of dollars on point of purchase (POP). In terms of a sales team, that’s a pretty hefty investment. Here’s a 3-zone approach to your POP development that Coca Cola and POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) use with success.

POPIA, QSR Marketing, POP The chart above delineates the zones and their specific selling task. Each zone is a phase in the selling process. The key is to make each of these phases effective. Notice that Zone 1 says Grabber. Not whisperer. Not gently tug. Not tap on the shoulder. So, make sure your Zone 1 POP does this: Grab! Doc

This example shows effective communication that is a clear and easy read. You see the food, the price and the short, bold headline. It effectively grabs you.

The job in Zone 2 is to sell the customer.

QSR Marketing, KrystalQSR Marketing, Krystal

The two examples above sell flavor profile in clever, attention-getting ways. Instead of just showing a large product shot with the name, which may not look new or different, the advertiser chooses to visually sell the flavor profile and minimize the product photo.

Another traditional approach, although still clear and bold communication, is to use two window signs for one product. This allows a large close-up shot of the product and a large, readable type treatment for the name of the product. Both the name and type product have equal exposure.

Finally, Zone 3 is the closer.

QSR Marketing, drive thru,POP

Feature what you want your customers to purchase (see the example above). The customer sees a complete combo meal and two large-quantity purchasing choices with two priority areas— a single meal purchase and family/group meal purchase. Be sure to include an upsell message (e.g., “Remember to add cheese”). Each is very simple and easy to read. No “menu-board anxiety” in this execution.

photo credit: Chris Yarzab via photopin cc

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